Start Journaling in 3 Steps!

My true journaling journey started about a year ago when my therapist gifted me a lovely journal during a significant life event. I say "true" because ever since I can remember, I have spent hours dumping my brain on paper, usually loose-leaf, and usually ends up in the trash after.

When I started journaling, I tried to be intentional about why I was writing. Here are a few of the questions I have asked myself in those moments:

  1. What am I grateful for today? Set the timer to 5 minutes and write until the time is up.
  2. Why am I feeling ______? Usually, the blank is filled by "anxious" or "stressed," but I have had moments where I was so delighted I wanted to capture it.
  3. Why do I need time for myself? This prompt has been helpful at times when I needed help organizing my thoughts.

There you have it! This blog post is your sign to go and start filling out that new journal you haven't opened yet.

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