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  • Set of 15 blue magnets on a marble table top. There are four title magnets which read "Backlog", "To-Do", "In-Progress", and "Done".The other eleven magnets represent a different chore. The chores represented are "Take out the recycling", "Go grocery shopping", "Make the bed", "Take out the trash", "Cook a meal", "Do the dishes", "Workout", "Vaccuum", "Mop", "GEt the mail", and "Do the laundry"
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Productivity Magnets for Task Management Board • 1.5" • Set of 15 • Blue

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Set of 15 Productivity Magnets to build your task management board at home using your fridge or magnetic board.

Size of each magnet is 1.5 inches

Set of 15 Magnets

  • 4 Header Magnets: Backlog, To-Do, In-Progress, and Done
  • 11 Task Reminder Magnets: Get the Mail, Workout, Take out the Trash, Take out the recycling, Do the Groceries Shopping, Do the Dishes, Make the Bed, Vacuum, Mop, Cook / Meal Prep, do the dishes / load the dishwasher, and do a load of laundry.